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Air Con Regas

Driving around in the summer season would be not possible if it were not for your car’s air conditioning system. The moment you open your windows, your comfortable drive is ruined by the hot summer winds. This is one of the major reasons that people want to buy a car for, and have a comfortable drive in all seasons. However, the air conditioning system is of no use if you don’t take care of it. Avoiding its maintenance schedule can have adverse effects on the system and damage it due to some issue that could’ve been dealt with. Our professionals, at Faversham Tyres, can help you here, and guarantee the efficiency of your air conditioning system.

If not taken care of, the air conditioning system can make it more difficult for you inside the car cabin than you would’ve been outside. It is an equipment that is supposed to provide you with comfort, but it is also prone to lose its efficiency if not checked and maintained regularly. Over time, the parts of the air conditioning system might get worn out and start inflicting damage upon themselves and other parts as well. To avoid any damage from building up, visit us at Faversham Tyres.

The air conditioning system doesn’t only cool the air inside your car’s cabin. It is also responsible for purifying, dehumidifying, and circulating the air. It ensures that the atmosphere inside the cabin does not turn out to be foul. Whereas, the most important aspect still remains to be the cooling of the air, which is all thanks to the compressor. The coolant is pressurised and forced to cool the air. The compressor senses the temperature both, inside and outside, of the car and adjusts accordingly. This is a part that is commonly known to develop faults and cause malfunctions. It is usually due to some water that might have seeped through and reacted with the coolant and is causing issues. Our skilful technicians, at Faversham Tyres, are some of the best in Faversham to deal with such issues and are known to do so remarkably well.

Other parts that might get damaged are the accumulator, evaporator, condenser, and the thermal expansion valve. One needs to maintain a regular check on them to ensure that there is no fault present or developing up internally. Ensure that the coolant level of the system is not below the required level or else using the system might exert too much pressure. It can possibly damage the system. Any sound from the system and the smell of gas inside the cabin are two of the major issues that you should avoid. Gas leaks can be very hazardous and should be repaired as soon as possible. Our technicians are fluent and efficient in Air Conditioning Faversham of all the cars and ensure that you have a cool and comfortable drive..

We, at Faversham Tyres, train our professionals extensively to enhance their quality of work and make them more efficient. They have dedicated hours of practice to be the experts they are today. We take it upon us to provide them with the best pieces of equipment to ensure that they are able to work even more easily and efficiently. If you’re in Faversham and need any assistance with your car, visit us and you can be sure to leave our garage with a satisfied and happy face.