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The main problem that springs up with a stranded car most of the times is a dead battery. Our experts believe that it is the responsibility of every driver in the UK to get their car battery Faversham checked with a garage, from time to time. If you live anywhere near Faversham, then make sure you get your batteries checked with us, Faversham Tyres, regularly.

Car batteries breakdown

Car batteries are designed to run for around 3 to 5 years on an average, based on how they are maintained. When the batteries start to develop cracks, and the engine of your car takes longer than the standard time to start, you should contemplate that the battery has completed its lifetime. You can do nothing but change your battery in this case.

That is not it, batteries can die sooner than their expected life. There are an ample amount of causes that may lead to the early death of the battery.

Some of the causes are as follows:

The main reason for a car battery to breakdown before its age is the continuous usage of the battery, without adequate charging. This happens when you leave the headlight of your car on and forget to switch it off over the night, leaving it running on the power of the battery. Herein, the electricals will drain the battery to its breakdown.

Another cause for the battery to breakdown before its time is the leaking charge due to loose connections. When the connections are not tight enough to charge the battery while the car is running, it will slowly approach its death. It is best to check the connections once in a week or two.

Corrosion seeping through batteries causes the charge to leak outside into the environment rather than charging the battery. You can bring your car to us, and we will do our best to clean off all of the corrosion from the battery, and make it neat and clean as new.

Faulty alternators may not provide sufficient charge that your battery might need. There are a lot of things besides the age of the battery that lead to its early death. Therefore, we advise our customers to get them checked in every maintenance schedule. It is better to spend a little extra rather than paying a fortune on a new battery.

When you come to us, at Faversham Tyres, we know how vital batteries are for your daily commute. Hence, we provide the finest services that will ensure the long life your battery. You can also buy the right battery for your car, choosing from our range of new car battery Faversham that have promising lives. If you wish to know more about batteries and their maintenance, free feel to call us. We have a team dedicated only to solve the queries of our valuable customers.