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Bridgestone Tyres

One of the ‘largest sellers of tyres in the world’ a tag not easily achieved is one bestowed on Bridgestone Tyres. Just keeping the volume of tyres that come out of the factories run by Bridgestone in mind is enough to assure you of how good they must be. If the world prefers their tyres they must be doing something right, right!

We at Faversham Tyres believe this and are proud suppliers of Bridgestone tyres to our customers. We never compromise with the quality of products we bill our customers and are therefore more than happy to endorse the use of Bridgestone Tyres.

A brand originating in Japan, Bridgestone in its initial years, was a brand specialising in motorcycle tyres. From there it progressed and started developing radial tyres for four-wheeled vehicles. This raised not just their stature but also their expertise. Then, there was no looking back. The brand mushroomed and now has bases across the world. It is also the parent company for other another tyre brand, Firestone, a brand operating from out of Ohio.

Not just that, Bridgestone also has a long list of achievements in motor sporting events. One of the principal feathers in its hat is the tyre advisors the brand works with.

Valentino Rossi the legendary motorcycle racing rider is one of the names associated as an advisor to the brand.

Bridgestone is the principal supplier to the Formula One racing format and is also associated with the sport's category two and three levels.

Above and apart this Bridgestone is also a major player in the supply chain for the aeronautical industry. It supplies tyres to behemoths like Airbus and Boeing.

Such is their expertise in the field that Airbus trusted none other than Bridgestone to design and manufacture tyres for their dream liner, the Airbus A380.

If there are trustworthy enough to be used on the biggest commercial aircraft ever made by man then they are good enough to cushion your daily commute. Looking at this long list of achievements of Bridgestone we at Faversham Tyres have no reservations in recommending the brand to our customers.

Our experts are of the view that tyres with tread less than 6mm should not be used, especially by drivers with infants as occupants. Tread lower than that increases the stopping the distance of the vehicle and can be dangerous in case of an emergency. Tyres older than 5 years or ones that have run 50-60,000 miles should also be changed on account of the wear they undergo. If and when your vehicle needs new tyres and you opt for the reliability of Bridgestone, visit Faversham Tyres for amazing prices and service quality.