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    In the automotive industry Germans rule. They have a name for manufacturing top quality and extremely intricately designed products. Be it engines, suspensions, transmissions or tyres they sure know how to build stuff. Keeping their expertise in view our inventory at Faversham Tyres houses the German-made Continental Tyres. We also recommend them to most of the customers because of their built quality and durability. This is a recommendation based on the many years of tyre manufacturing and innovative technology that Goodyear has come to be associated with.

    Established in 1871 the tyre brand is almost as old as the industry. It has grown as the motoring industry expanded and is today a behemoth in terms of sales.

    The company had humble beginnings though, it started operations as a motor-cycle tyre manufacturer and vulcanised rubber provider. However as the popularity of the motor engine grew, so did the sales and reach of Goodyear. Today the brand has operations over a hundred countries and rakes billions in sales. Even with this growth, the brand is committed to its aim of expansion and innovation. It has recently established a new base of operations in Costa Rica where the job of improving further the modern tyres is at play.

    Continental is not just a tyre manufacturer though, it has numerous holdings and products used in different parts of a vehicle.

    In Germany, Continental is one of the largest tyre sellers. Maybe that is the factor behind the confidence with which the government has removed speed limits on certain motorways.

    Other than the sale, Continental Tyres are also in business with leading vehicle brands as factory fitting providers. Names like Volkswagen, BMW, Porsche and Honda prefer using Goodyear as tyres being fit to their brand new vehicles.

    Looking at their expertise and reach within the industry we at Faversham Tyres also recommend the use of Goodyear tyres to our customers. This recommendation is based on their qualitative and durable performance in real-world conditions. We offer compelling prices at which Goodyear tyres at our facilities can be purchased. We are also thrilled to announce that our experts use only the best quality equipment for the performance of the jobs at our facilities.

    Pro Tips: Change your tyres after they have done 50-60,000 miles or are more than 5 years old.

    Check for the tread depth on tyres as low tread depth can increase stopping distances by a long margin and can also be grounds for MOT failure.

    Also make sure that the air pressure in tyres is at its optimum, over or underinflated tyres can respectively damage the tyres or cause loss of grip.

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