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Care is a necessity for everything that belongs to you. Your home, your car, your body. You clean your house and provide nutrition to the body to care for it. What about your car? Is simple washing and cleaning of the car is all that is needed in the name of care? The answer is no. Your car is a wonder of technology that has several small parts that work together to provide you with the abilities of your car. These parts are complex and need to be checked regularly to ensure that they are working smoothly.


We, at Faversham Tyres, and most of the manufacturers recommend taking your car for an inspection every 6 months for an interim service, or 12 months for a full Car Service Faversham. Timely maintenance can help you avoid several issues and retain the performance levels of your car. Most of the cars, nowadays, come equipped with an internal diagnostic system.

The sensors and chips of this system are spread throughout the body of the car, which sends signals to a storage unit in case of a fault. The data is stored here in the form of fault codes and can be decoded only by an expert. This is what our professionals are known for. They’re well versed with the tips and tricks required to decode these codes.

Why is Important

Servicing is not a way for us to trouble you every now and then. It rather is an inspection that ensures that everything is working efficiently and can protect you in case of a mishap. Bring your car to us, at Faversham Tyres, and we will make sure that all the safety aspects of your car are checked and repaired, in case of a fault. Timely maintenance helps save the parts of your car from wearing down to a point of no return, and a point that only replacing the part would be the solution. Getting it serviced on time is going to help you maintain the fuel-efficiency of your car as well. Save your money by avoiding servicing, and you’re on your way to visit the gas station plenty more times than usual.

Faversham Tyres above the Rest

We train our technicians extensively to ensure that they are fluent and efficient at their job. They have dedicated hours of practice to ensure that they are proficient at their job. To ensure that we provide quality services, we provide our technicians with all the tools and pieces of equipment that might be needed to execute the various Car Service Faversham that we have to offer.

When you visit Faversham Tyres, you can be sure to receive nothing but the best quality car repair Faversham services and deals like no other. We wish to achieve customer satisfaction each time you visit and take pride in stating that we’ve been successful in doing so till now.