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Are you looking for Hunter Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Hunter is an advanced technology that uses imaging sensors to detect a minimum of 14 important alignment angles. It is far more accurate and precise than manual measurements. We recommend wheel alignment anywhere between 5,000 to 6,000 miles to maintain optimum vehicle performance and fuel efficiency.

Conclude your search for Hunter Wheel Alignment Faversham by visiting us. We offer reliable hunter wheel alignment services at reasonable rates. We have trained our technicians to use the Hunter system effectively.

Our experts detect and correct the wheel angles using a highly advanced hunter system. They perform a detailed inspection of the following angles of the wheel:

Caster angle

It is the angle between the steering axis and the wheel.

Camber angle

It is the tyre's inside and outward angle as seen from the front of the car.

Toe angle

It is the measurement of how much the front/rear wheels turn in/out from a straight-ahead position.

When to visit us for hunter wheel alignment?

If you notice any of the following symptoms, you should immediately visit us for Hunter Wheel Alignment Faversham:

Difficulty in controlling the vehicle

If you feel that you’re not able to control the vehicle as smoothly as you used to or that it is pulling towards either side of the road, there might be a problem with the wheel alignment.

Increased fuel consumption

When the wheels are not accurately aligned, the vehicle is likely to consume more fuel, so immediately seek our reliable professional help to save on the extra fuel.

Car steering doesn’t return to its central position

If the steering doesn’t return to its central position after a turn or cornering, it is a clear indication of inaccurate wheel alignment.

Uneven tyre wear

When the angles are not correct, tyres will wear out faster and more unevenly. Make sure to reach out to us immediately for a comprehensive inspection.

Vibrating steering wheel

One of the most common signs of inaccurately aligned wheels is vibration in the steering wheel. Get in touch with us before it causes damage to other components.

How is Hunter Wheel Alignment better?

The Hunter alignment machine comes with the Hawkeye Premium tool, which features four digital cameras, sensors, and advanced QuickGrip adaptors to analyse the caster, toe, and camber angles.

Thanks to its QuickComp technology, that allows us to get precise measurements in just a single roll forward, unlike the regular technique where technicians constantly rotate the wheel 360° for readings.

The QuickGrip adaptor holds the tyres using an arm loaded with springs, preventing any contact between metals and eventually avoiding damage to the rim. Additionally, the clamp secured with the thumb clip helps with accurate measurements.

It takes less than 90 seconds to detect the misalignments, which allows us to complete the Hunter Wheel Alignment Faversham in no time.

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