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Are you looking for Winter Tyres for your vehicle?


Cars are not self-sustaining, and neither can they face every weather condition without specific modifications. For different weather conditions, the first thing that needs to be changed is the tyres.

This is where our expertise at Faversham Tyres comes into play. We have the biggest range for you to choose from, the tyres that suit your vehicle and use the most. Based on the weather conditions, the road conditions and driving styles, different motorists will require different sets of tyres. This then poses the need for in-depth knowledge of the tyres that are best for the drivers.

Focusing on the needs of drivers and vehicles in winter conditions, Faversham Tyres offer its range of Maxxis Tyres. Its range of winter tyres is built to face the challenges posed by winter conditions. They have a special pattern of treads that are capable of gripping the road even in the wet and sleety conditions.

They are made of a softer compound of rubber which is more capable of holding on to slippery surfaces when compared with other tyre types. Therefore, the winter collection of Maxxis tyres is one of the best range to choose from, when looking for winter tyres.

Our tyre ranges also include tyres from brands like ETB, Bond, BMTR, Malvern, Stapletons, and Eden. All these brands are well known for their built quality, and reliability which is incidentally also synonymous with Faversham Tyres.

The winter tyres available at our facilities are quality checked, and our stock is kept under constant vigil. This is done to make sure that only the best quality tyres make it to our customer's cars. We know the importance of ensuring tyre safety, especially during the winter months. Therefore, quality checks are thorough and intensive. Nothing is allowed to jeopardise the safety of our customers in any way.

If you are looking for a change of winter tyres, or are unsure about the health of your current tyres, you should visit our facility. Our experts will look into the health of your tyres and advise you about the health of our tyres and whether they are good for another season. If not, they will be based on the terrain you commute through to suggest you the best quality winter tyres that will ensure your safety and security. Our services ensure that only the tyres with the best possible life make it to the vehicles of our customers.