About Us

Faversham Tyres is a garage with values. The most fundamental of them all is to serve the people of Faversham with high-quality tyres and vehicle-related services. The range of our products and services stand as evidence that we respect the choices of our customers. That is why we are giving them so many options to choose from. Our stocks contain the best tyres in the market. A variety in terms of brands, tread design, rubber compound, and specifications is available at Faversham Tyres. To select the tyre that suits you best, we suggest that you use the tyre finder tool that features on our website.

A garage that only sells tyres is not a garage. It is simply a tyre shop. However, Faversham Tyres is much more than a tyre shop, and the people of Faversham are aware of that. We ensure that every required vehicle-related service is covered in the list of what we have to offer. The quality of the services is ensured by two important factors, which are- high-quality machinery and a team of experts. To get a masterpiece, all you need to do is provide an excellent artist with adequate supplies. The end result would be a masterpiece. We have both- the artists and the supplies.

Do you wish to witness the masterpiece? If yes, then visit our garage with your vehicle today. Garage Faversham has special offers for the people of Faversham. A few of them being battery repair, exhaust repair, brake discs, and general car servicing (which includes three options of brake discs, vehicle inspection, and tyre pressure check). The moment you notice an inconsistency with the functioning of your vehicle, all you are required to do is drive to our workshop.

Car tyres, winter tyres, budget tyres, all-season tyres, exhaust services, battery services, brake services, and car servicing- all in one place! Yes, Faversham Tyres is a garage situated in Faversham that offers all of the above-mentioned products and services under one roof. Moreover, it is accompanied with the assurance of quality experience, which we ensure with the help of our experienced team members and efficient machinery. As mentioned in the start, we are a garage with values. Which the most fundamental value for us? It is ensuring customer satisfaction. So, visit us today!