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Goodyear Tyres

    Named after the creator of vulcanised rubber, Charles Goodyear, the Goodyear brand of tyres is synonymous with quality and safety. Our experts at Rendal believe in the expertise of Goodyear to manufacture the highest quality of tyres and therefore recommend them to customers.

    Goodyear tyres are one of the pioneers in the industry and have grown as the industry expanded. Today they are one of the largest manufacturers of vehicular tyres in the world. Such is their pedigree that they were the brand that provided tyres to the iconic Model T. They have been in the business so long and with such credibility that when man wanted to drive on the moon the preferred tyres were manufactured by Goodyear. For the Apollo 14 mission, Goodyear developed special tyres that could withstand the extremes of space. Since then they have not looked back and are now used on the almost territorial and aerial carrier.

    Another testament to the durability and reliability of Goodyear can be found by looking at its association with NASCAR. A sporting event renowned for testing the endurance of both man and machine. They were also a much sought after tyre manufacturer for Formula One cars.

    In terms, of innovation and capture of the market, Goodyear has a track record which can dwarf even the mighty. The Goodyear Blimp cemented the brand's reputation and recall amongst the masses and is today seen as one of the exemplary methods of innovative marketing.

    Riding on the wave of success, Goodyear as early as 1963 had sold a billion tyres worldwide. Keeping up with such success cannot be possible without keeping quality at its best.

    We believe in this and are more than happy to recommend Goodyear Tyres for our customers. The range of tyres by Goodyear is extensive and fulfils the demands for every type of driving style and need. Our experts at Faversham Tyres recommend the use of Goodyear Tyres for people who believe in using only the best of quality products.

    To ensure that the time of tyre change is apt our experts recommend changing tyres every 50-60,000 miles or five years, whichever comes first. They also recommend periodically rotating tyres to ensure even tread wear and regular air pressure checks to keep the tyres from facing excessive friction. So, to avail the benefits of extremely competitive prices and top-notch work quality avail the services of Rednal for the fitment of Goodyear tyres.

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