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There is a difference in the needs of a vehicle depending on the weather conditions it faces. For extremely cold conditions, one cannot expect a normal in city hatchback to run at its optimum. Its engine oil will freeze with catastrophic effects on the engine. Same is the case with scorching weather conditions. Steps need to be taken to keep a vehicle running at its optimum in different weather conditions. Principal amongst the things that need to be taken care of when ensuring a vehicle's performance in different weather conditions are the tyres of the vehicle.

Summer tyres are designed keeping in mind the road conditions and the temperatures the tyres will face. At Faversham Tyres, only the best quality of summer tyres are offered to ensure the safety and comfort of customers. The collection of summer tyres here is sure to fulfil the needs of your vehicles' summer tyre needs.

'Why should summer tyres be opted for?' is a question a lot of people ask. Out of the wide array of reasons that are cited in favour of using summer tyres, the most important is their durability and grip. Made from a special compound, summer tyres are harder with a cross tread pattern. The hardness of the compound helps them to be used without excessive wear and the tread pattern ensures better grip. Beyond this, summers tyres come with tread patterns which are designed after deliberation to maximise the water displaced by them in case of rains. The larger the volume that the tyres displace, the lower is the chance of aquaplaning. Thus, a safer drive.

Tyres designed especially for summers, thus, are a good option for motorists who drive in hot and humid conditions. Even for drivers in areas that experience big swings in the temperatures between summer and winter conditions, changing and using summer tyres for the summer months is a must.

Summer tyres by Maxxis tyres are available at Faversham Tyres. Maxxis tyres are designed to make the most of the summer heat to increase grip and decrease wear. They are not only designed to handle but to revel in the summer conditions. They are also well priced so as not to burn a hole in your pocket. Other tyres available at Faversham Tyres include ETB, Bond, BMTR, Malvern, Stapletons, and Eden.

Keeping in mind the safety and comfort of our customers, we at Faversham Tyres only use the best quality tyres which will not disappoint or fail you. The tyres you buy from us will last, and they will do so in a way that you can credit yourself for making a smart investment.